RICS Level 3 Surveys

RICS Level 3 Surveys are normally undertaken for Clients prior to purchase of a property. A valuation report is not a survey. It tells your lender whether or not the property is reasonably security for your loan. An RICS Level 3 Survey will tell you about the condition of the property. This can help with price negotiations and will help you prioritise works and repairs after purchase.

When choosing a Chartered Surveyor to undertake this work it is important that they have the necessary experience and competence to evaluate the type of property you are buying. Construction and repair techniques are very different when considering traditional solid wall stone buildings, for example, than when assessing a modern cavity construction.

Careful and correct diagnosis of a defect is important to ensure that money is spent on the correct repair solutions. Repairing traditional stone walls with modern cement renders and plasters can trap moisture within the structure, rather than allowing any water to evaporate from the surface. This can cause damp to build up, causing damage internally, an unhealthy living environment and poor thermal performance of the wall. Misdiagnosis and incorrect specification of repairing such a problem can lead to further damp building up and actual physical damage to historic brick and stonework.

With extensive experience in dealing with traditional buildings I am able to provide a well informed Level 3 reports for older buildings, which will help you to plan your next steps. I will explain the difference in building systems, and how appropriate repairs maybe different in different parts of your property. If the property is a Listed Building or in a Conservation Area, I can help you identify the more historically significant areas of the property and advise on when Listed Building consent might be necessary.

Please contact me for a quotation or information on providing a survey for you.

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